Share Transfer out of Alpaca

I sent an email to on April 17th, another two days later and again today. I haven’t received a response yet. Why? It’s been weeks.

Wow, five days and still no response in the forum or my emails. Alpacas customer service is really pathetic!!!

@REakins Certainly is the place to go for any specific account related requests. The Forums here are primarily a venue for Alpaca users to share ideas.

That said, what is the support ticket number for your request? I can take a look where it stands.

If you are wanting to transfer shares from Alpaca to another broker that request must be initiated with the receiving broker. They will typically ask you to fill out a form and require the following information

DTC code:

Transmitting broker account number:
enter your Alpaca 9 digit account number prefixed by1PS. For example if your Alpaca account number is 123456789 enter 1PS123456789