How to talk to Alpaca live

Is there any way to contact Alpaca live where you don’t have to post things on a forum to get answers? Email? Chat? Phone number?

same problem… email support so bad , chat dont have , phone too…

hi @justdrew2u and @phyllis.

First of all i want to say sorry about your experience. Rest assured that our support team is scaling up and we are hiring from all around the world to meet your demands! We are continuously tracking time to respond for support tickets and we strive to answer them as quickly and as clearly as possible

Now the best way to contact support is by sending them an email at, that way your request gets into a queue and would be picked up automatically by one of our support engineers.


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For more than a week I have been waiting for a solution from about a simple email change that the Alpaca system is not accepting! You end up paralyzed because of the support team’s lack of action/solution. This is VERY disappointing.

I have purchased a few items from Alpaca, and have been generally disappointed with the customer service. While they are nice people, they do not respond to email inquiries in a timely manner (if at all).

That is true. I’m looking for other digital brokers, just regretting the time wasted with their disservice

Personally, I find their email support rather responsive. Given it’s the weekend, I wouldn’t expect a response but their support has helped me more than not

I sent my question last May 4th, Wednesday, not over the weekend. They simply give no solution to a so trivial situation. Looks like their email server won’t work with some email domains.