Does Alpaca Team have a plan for improving Customer Support?

Alpaca Team:

Respectfully and openly…

In observation to these forums, the community is losing value and benefits for its purpose as there is not proper support to those trying to adopt Alpaca and to those who have actually committed with real dollars.

Without proper support, there will not be the right type of adoption. I really like what Alpaca is doing here, but it is so difficult to get the right type of support. What can be done further to support and engage in these forums and address urgent account inquiries? Are there some dedicated folks from the Alpaca team that you can put in rotation to support us here further?

Forum members should not have to go days or weeks or without having a response to their questions. Are the questions and feedback of importance and value in order build a great service and product? I am just confused by the intention that all of this exists, but have never seen such a lack of engagement from a company or developer group to proactively interact with the community. Is this all still very immature and not ready for prime time? Would like to partner in the journey but don’t get a sense of inclusion that myself or others matter here.

  • Is there a plan to increase customer satisfaction and provide additional customer support?
  • How will support for current customers and for future customers be addressed?

If your vision is to “… allow the 7 billion people on the planet to access financial markets.” - could we at least start with those of us who are actually on these forums trying to use your product to access the financial markets to support that vision? How can I get further plugged in?

While I have additional thoughts, I would be glad to discuss personally if someone reaches out directly as I am interested in a discussion and solution.

Thank you very much,


Just email the support.
I was like you - posting to the help forum, with no avail. Until I emailed the support, and they replied - many times.

Thanks for commenting Ran. Typically how many days on average have you found that it takes to get a response back from Support?

Sometimes its the same day I send, sometimes it can take up to a week.
But, they always answer in email.

Hi! Mahmoud here, PM at Alpaca. We hear your concerns, and thank you for pointing out that there is a lot of room for us to improve when it comes to the forum communications.

Having said that, I would second what Ran said. If you have an urgent issue your best option is to email support, that way your ticket goes into the queue and is tracked internally. We are investing a lot of time, money and resources into improving our support. We are now comfortably 24/7 as we serve millions of users globally and our response time is decreasing month-over-month.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: