Customer Service Response Time


I’m not sure which forum to post this in, so I’m posting it here:

What is the current amount of time that it takes for Alpaca Customer Support to respond to an email?

It’s been 10 days since I sent them an email, and so far no response.



I emailed them on Feb 26 and got a response 6 hours later. Maybe try again? You might also try the Slack channel.

Thanks Peter. I just sent Support a follow up email, and also made a post on Slack.

sometimes a few days but I have been waiting for several weeks in the past before as well. Good luck

A rep responded.


The slow (or non existent) customer support is making me question the viability of this business (or at least my business with them). I understand seeing bugs in paper trading, but not being able to liquidate positions in live accounts due to bugs is not acceptable. I’ve been waiting a week for a response.


@westsider450 Sorry you seem to be having issues. What is the support ticket number and I can track it down.

Thanks Dan,

This may be an issue with my outgoing email. I sent several emails to support from Alpaca <> which is what is memorized in my mail program. They didn’t bounce so I assume someone was receiving them.

The original email is attached.

The order was was one group of orders. All of them process except for this one. I tried to do it manually from the interface and it was rejected there as well.

I’ve been testing an algo that shorts 30 or so tickers in after hours trades and then.covers them the next day based on performance. I can tolerate rejected orders when they are small, but I can’t scale if this problem were to occur.


@westsider450 It appears the order was rejected because the extended hours flag was set to false. Orders not eligible for extended hours (ie not marked with extended hours = True) submitted between 4:00pm - 7:00pm ET will be rejected.

To submit after hour orders a few things need to be met

  • The order type must be set to limit (with limit price). Any other type of orders will be rejected with an error.

  • Time-in-force must be set to be day. Any other time-in-force will be rejected with an error.

  • If the order is submitted between 6:00pm and 8:00pm ET on a market day, the order request is returned with error.

  • If the order is submitted after 8:00pm but before 9:00am ET of the following trading day, the order request is queued and will be eligible for execution from the beginning of the next available supported pre-market hours at 9:00am.

Thanks Dan for your help in debugging this.

I am aware of that flag. My script covers short throughout the day that show a profit, but after 4 pm is another script (with the code below) is designed to cover any remaining short positions at 5:31 pm.

Iterating through all positions where qty < 0 (i.e. shorts):


type = ‘market’,

except Exception as e:

Your example below shows a created time of 2:03 PM (which I’m assuming is PST time), That must have been a manual trade I did to try to debug the “rejected” message and I set the TIF flag incorrectly.

In any event, I haven’t seen the error again in the past week so I’m going to assume is was something particular to WBT.

If the problem happens again, is there someone I can email to execute a trade manually. When I start scaling up, I don’t want to get stick with 1000 shares or so of these volatile stocks.


can you track down this ticket #55857. I need help urgently