Trades not going through

This morning I submitted multiple limit orders with extended hours, none got executed, neither do the market trades once the market opened. I submitted them all using alpaca’s web interface. This is really unacceptable.

The exact same thing is happening to me, market orders are just not going through (submitted straight from the Alpaca website) and now I’m stuck in positions. Looks like I’ll be withdrawing my money and going back to IBKR, I’ve lost all trust in Alpaca.

Hi @Lewis_W – this looks like an old post, but I’m happy to have my team look into this issue for you; its definitely concerning when you’re not able to trade.

And, obviously, because this is a public form account issues are best addressed privately. Please email so we can look into this in-depth for you and find out what’s going on! I’ll keep an eye out for the ticket when it comes in.

Ok so it’s not as bad as I thought - according to the timestamps it appears the orders are getting filled as expected but not updated in Alpaca until about 4 minutes after. That would explain why it wouldn’t let me liquidate the open positions - because they’d actually already been liquidated but were just still showing just as “accepted” in Alpaca.

Thanks for the quick response, I’ll fire across an email now.