Order submitted during extended hours is not executed next open

I am using paper account to testify my trading bot. I found that, a couple of times, order submitted during extended hours (a couple of seconds right after market close) is not executed in the next day after market open. The order status shows “new” and nothing done.

Suspect this is a bug in paper account API ?

I don’t know that Alpaca is a good service for trading during extended hours. I’ve compared minute bars from Alpaca with other API’s and found that Alpaca’s extended hours activity (at least pre-market, which is what I was examining) is severely limited. Where other API’s have activity from 4am or earlier, Alpaca only had data from 30min before market open.

@Tony - Did you find a solution for this? I submitted a bunch of orders overnight in the Paper account (submitted overnight when market and extended hours were closed), and they all remained as Status “new” for the remainder of the market day, even though it was a BUY LIMIT order and the stock’s price went way below the limit price.

@Jason_Bohne_Alpaca & @hitoshi - Am I doing something wrong? Why would an order remain as status “new” and not change to accepted and get filled? Should I not submit orders at a certain time of day (e.g. overnight)? Or should I take precaution for this in my algorithm and replace the order if it stays in “new” status for too long? If so, how long is too long? 5 mins? Should it not change to “accepted”?