Slow order updates

In paper trading when i submit an order sometimes it takes several minutes to get the ‘new order’ update. In the meantime if i try to replace a stop in the submitted order, it fails with ‘order not yet submitted to exchange’. Does this minutes-long delay between order submission on my end and order acknowledgment/activation on the Alpaca end happen often for live trading as well?

I’m having the same issue any info on the subject? Thanks!

Hey everyone!

The best way to think about Paper trading is that it always assumes the worst-case scenario - so a bit of delay isn’t unheard of with Paper, especially at market open.

That being said, I can certainly look at specific orders and give some more context. @urania or @max21ge – do either of you have some order IDs I can pull up?

Thank you so much for your answer! Here is an example of a trade that we’ve placed as a test. My main question is what is “updated” status vs “filled” that shows up 41s after beeing filled. We’re currently testing the API for day-trading quant strategies sent from our own software and we need to receive all info regarding trades simultaneously (or a couple 1/10s max) so if we need to wait seconds to get an update on a trade that will not work for us.


Submitted At2021-10-05T13:32:21.022987Z
Created At2021-10-05T13:32:21.028711Z
Filled At2021-10-05T13:32:21.238692Z
Updated At2021-10-05T13:33:02.628754Z

Hi @max21ge and everyone else on this thread. I know this is really late but I have the same question and I’m wondering if either of you got closure as to what the delay between “filled at” and “updated at” means? Does that mean alpaca hasn’t updated the order status to filled between those two times? So if I call the api to retrieve the order status it will still not return filled even though it has been until the “updated at” time passes? That was my guess as to what that means but if it means something else I’d love to find out.