Papertrade limit order does not execute even when below bid/ask

I’ve an issue. I can submit the limit order in paper trade via api and see the position opened but the ask/bid is below my limit and still it won’t execute. is this something that only happens in papertrade or the live api is the same way. how am I suppose to test program with this?


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Yeah I have this issue way too often while Paper trading, almost all the time. I am afraid to go Live with Alpaca.

Concur with Maiko on not being comfortable going Live.

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Same here. I am getting so much slippage on market orders it isn’t worth even sending them. Limit orders aren’t a whole lot better. No way I can go live with this kind of performance.

What kind of security are you trying to trade? Is it even liquid?

iirc, paper trade will only fill an order if a similar size order happened on the tape. So if you are trading a penny stocks that never move you won’t get filled.

MSFT and TSLA are my starting examples because they have decent volume. Limit sells just never seem to execute on Paper, even during market hours.

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Can you provide an example of a limit order you submitted and the bid/ask at the time?

@SharpeTrader Sorry for the slow response.

I was validating (with some other issues). I think the root issues was that the data from Polygon is better than the data from Alpaca. After switching to Polygon for last quote (and perhaps some other changes on my end), my limit order prices are closer to “a more realistic market bid/ask” and have been executing.

(I’ve only done Paper so far.)

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That actually makes sense, because I started with Polygon and didn’t have this issue, before switching to Alpaca’s WS because it was free, and it began.

Not to showboat but if anyone has any questions on how to be profitable making one trade a day. it can be done.

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