Paper Limit Sell Order not executing when expected

My limit sell orders are not executing in my paper account when the bid is over the limit price. For example, see the 2/5/20 chart for NVDA below showing it trading well over my limit price of $249.14.

I did notice only two seconds elapsed from the time that the NVDA buy order was filled and when the limit sell order was placed. I’m unsure if this could be causing a problem.

Has anyone come across an issue like this?

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I am having this same issue. It seems to be when these orders carry over to the following day

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I have this issue as well and it’s made me afraid to go live with Alpaca. For me, it happens the majority of the time and I can’t find any options to rectify it.

I want to stick with Alpaca, but this kills my profits.

I’ve only tried Paper so far. For me…

In market hours, limit sell orders never fill. Limit buy, market buy, and market sell seem to work.

In after-hours, even market sell orders never fill. That makes no sense to me at all. Why would a market sell order not execute within seconds? The qty is 1.

It makes it difficult to trust that I can move to Live with Paper basically not working at all for limit sell orders.

To speak to Brian_Deveraux’s comment: None of my orders are cross-day. They’re all ‘day’ and posted today.

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Yes, exactly the same results. I have funded but not went live yet because I can’t seem to get past this issue.

@quarantine I don’t know why Limit Sells wouldn’t be filling…that seems strange (what is your time in force)?

As for the Market Orders in After Hours, those are not permitted (it’s not an Alpaca thing, it’s all brokers). When trading in extended hours you must use limit orders if you want it to execute.

@Brian_Krynitsky So far, I’m always using day for time_in_force.

I just put in a limit sell oco order (gtc) the other day for a stock and I saw that it wasn’t executing (price was way above the limit sell price) for my paper account.

Are you guys still having the same issue?
Did any of you guys go live and perhaps its not an issue for live accounts?

*My limit buys weren’t working because I wasn’t sending in the “‘extended_hours’ = True” query with my order. Now it’s working.

Still wondering: Is it even possible to get partially filled on paper trading?

Still wondering: Is it even possible to get partially filled on paper trading?

Documented answer is yes:

When orders are eligible to be filled, they will receive partial fills for a random size 10% of the time. If the order price is still marketable, the remaining quantity would be re-evaluated for a subsequent fill.