Sell limits not selling


Hey guys,
my code is running fine. I love alpaca for the opportunity to test things. Something Ive noticed, sell limits that i place on Day X wont sell on Day X+1. They are still present in my open orders. I am using the ‘GTC’ parameter. and if they trigger on Day X, it sells. but X+1 and its like the order doesnt even exist… it blows right through my target. I am paper trading. Any ideas?

Same thing happened to me. My limit stop loss did not go through. I’m paper trading too. Thanks god it’s not real money.

I can’t put my real money here.

thats how i feel too.
my orders are going through but when they are supposed to trigger, they are just sitting dormant. I would ahve thought maybe there arent shares to be filled at the price shown, but I had a couple run like 4% higher than my limit sell.