Paper Account not working properly

The paper account is not working properly, For an At&t stock specifically, I place limit buy orders a bit above the current stock price and they do not fill sometimes for several minutes, this problem is the same when I do a limit sell at a price below the current stock price. Furthermore when they do finally fill the value they fill at is at times up to 10 cents away from the current polygon stock data which does not make sense because there is not that much volatility in the stock. This is a major problem and does not let me test my strategies accurately!

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 11.04.25 AM
This sell order has not triggered for almost 10 minutes, makes no sense, please fix!

i dont see why it would fill at that price…

limit sell orders should be executed if the current price of a stock is at or above the limit price, here the limit sell price is at 24.47, and the current price is at 24.73 so why would it not execute?

try not to under value to fill faster, so you dont need to wait for price movement

I am having the same issue with limit sell on my paper account. I currently have a CORR order with limit sell of $10.92 but the price is currently at over $12 and it still won’t sell…

try a market order for what you are trying to do

I have the same issue. Have you figured anything out to solve this?

This issue seems to come and go every once in a while in the paper account, (the week that I posted it was particularly bad), recently however, I have not seen this happen to any noticeable degree at least for me. Never found any work around other than not trading on the paper account for a bit when this issue occurred or reverting to just market orders

I’m having the same issue with limit sell (i.e. stocks not selling despite the price being above the limit price)
Does going Live fix the issue for you guys?

Its not going to full above or under it needs to be at the limit fill price to complete

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That makes no sense.

when you try to make a limit order (to sell) as im assuming thats what the issue is, next time make it 6%- 8% under the current market price

You’re kidding, right? An algorithmic trading platform that only works if you have a 6-8% profit? You might as well trade with an abacus and a carrier pigeon

no thats not what im saying you can have 30% profit but your sell limit order needs to be 6-8 under the current price when you make the sell order…