Paper trades with incorrect market fill price

I’m having issues 7/9 and today 7/10 with market orders on AMD filling sometimes $1 or more above/below bid price. Issue occurred 2020-07-09T14:23:01.944014Z , also 14:24 UTC0.

It looks like it’s happening again today 7/10 at 14:53 UTC0. Is anyone else having market data stream issues or delays? I understand it’s a market order, but the fill pricing is off, appears that its filling at a previous/incorrect value.

Not sure where else to reach out for direct support…

I am seeing this too, I reported it yesterday, not fixed yet.

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@Hamid_Dadkhah I saw your post yesterday when looking into this. Were you able to get a support ticket?

I see this happen sometimes as well but what i found is that the market data is correct but the fill in the paper account was inaccurate. I simply record the market data price and audit at the end of the day. You should be doing this in any case to make sure there are no discrepancies when you go live.