Broker name and DTC number

I want to transfer my Alpaca stocks to Webull. To do this, DTC number is required but I do not know what the number is. If I search the DTC number for Alpaca, there are 3 numbers and they are:


Please let me know which one is correct broker name and DTC number.


I am trying to do the same thing, let me know if anything you tried worked. As of right now I’m just gonna try all 3.

I am looking for the same thing. I contacted support, they told me DTC is 3856. But when I tried to transfer it failed.
The issue is that Alpaca account number is 9 digit number, but for transfer another broker suggested that there must be 17 digits. So I added 00000000 in start but it failed because of invalid account number. So I am kind of stuck on this.
It is very time critical but Alpaca support is slow and they have no phone support.

@Abh DTC is 3856 and To help Velox identify the ACAT as belonging to an Alpaca account please preface your Alpaca account number with 1PS. Ex: 1PSxxxxxxxxx

I am still getting error. The account number needs to be 17 character for DTC 3856.
I am trying to transfer my asset to Robinhood to make sure I have enough fund to avoid margin call.
I have over $100K in Alpaca (no margin) but I am using margin in Robinhood, and given market is crashing so it is kind of time critical for me.

I have been on phone call with Robinhood support and they suggested me that Alpaca might have another account number for ACAT transfer.

There is no 17 digit account number. I double checked this with our clearing firm this afternoon. with their ACATs department You are trying to transfer away and the receiving firm is rejecting the format. The account number would @masjaya.sutarno described earlier in the thread. Usually ACATs take 5-10 business days to complete.

Okay. Thanks a lot for confirming this. I am checking with Robinhood again.