Transfer to robinhood dtc etc

all i want to do is move my shares over to robinhood for now, i need the dtc number and how information ect…

@Joseph_Beebe To transfer shares from Alpaca to another broker you will need to submit what is called an ACAT request at the receiving firm. Each broker uses a bit different form but generally they will need 1) the Alpaca clearing firm DTC number and 2) your Alpaca account number. Enter those as shown below.

  • DTC number: Velox 3856
  • Account number: prefix your 9 digit Alpaca account number with 1PS. The 1PS signifies to Velox that it is an Alpaca account. For example, if your account number is 123456789 enter 1PS123456789

Note however that Alpaca will be changing to self clearing and no longer using Velox as a clearing broker as of April 5, 2024. If submitting a transfer request after that date then use the following information

  • DTC number: Alpaca Securities 3021
  • Account number: 9 digit Alpaca account number. For example 123456789

It may be prudent to wait until after the April 5, 2024 if possible to avoid a mix up with timing.

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