Need help with ACATS from RH

I’ve opened an account a few days ago. I have already an account with RobinHood and would like to transfer some of my assets from there to Alpaca.

I sent an email 4 days ago to Alpaca’s support but it remains unanswered. Can someone please help me and show the steps to perform ACATS from RobinHood to Alpaca?

Thank you all in advance,

@Themysterioustrader Unfortunately, Alpaca doesn’t currently support moving shares from another broker into an Alpaca account. We are working on this but not at this time.

Hi Dan,

Here is a post by you from last year stating shares can be transferred to and from Alpaca by reaching out to the support team via email. Now you’re saying that it isn’t possible? Can you give a rough estimate for when you guys will re-instate this functionality (i.e. days/weeks/months/years)? Is there a better alternative for new clients than to liquidate their positions, eat the taxes, then deposit cash?