Updates on receiving Alpaca PRO data

Though I think it would be best if Alpaca democratized their platform like more like Robinhood by offering free data, I am grateful they are pushing the ball forward to allow straightforward api trading.

Does anyone know how one could sign up for paying the Alpaca $50 per month stock data? Also, do we know if it will come with different candle (OHLC) time periods such as hourly data (9:30,10:30,11:30 etc)? Thanks!

The email says select customers may waive the fee. I also would like to know the conditions to waive the pro plan fee $50 per month? Can large asset customers get the pro plan for free?

You will be able to sign up from your dashboard as of Feb 27:

I believe the new bars API will give you hourly timeframes:

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Thank you for the fast response! :smile: