Pro $49/month still suspending API requests?

I’ve purchased the $49/month “Pro” subscription plan and make use of get_barset() method to retrieve past data. I am still seeing the “Sleep 3 seconds and retrying 3 more time(s)” error. My understanding is that I am still limited to 200 requests/min instead of unlimited.

A few things I’ve tried:
(1) Regenerating paper API keys and resetting the paper account.
(2) Regenerating live trading API keys

Has anyone been able to get this to work?

Hello, I was having same problem…support said this and pointed me to the below link:

This is an issue for a number of users. Note, Alpaca Data API v2 is currently in public beta. Please keep in mind that the public beta version may be less stable.

The following forum has been discussing the issue you presented, please take a look.