Recent API Limits: Non-Backward Compatible

I spent $99 for an API key for Alpaca’s unlimited plan.

Alpaca downgraded my account without warning to a plan with only 1000 Requests / Minute = ~16 Requests / Second. Alpaca has kept my $99.

To charge for one thing and then deliver another is false advertising and fraud. It’s a crime.

Will Alpaca be refunding my $99 or reinstating my unlimited limits?

Thank you!


You shouldn’t be hitting rate limits on the paid Market Data plan.

  • How are you noticing these rate limits?
  • What’s your Alpaca’s account email? (Message me in private)

I agree that “you shouldn’t be hitting rate limits on the paid Market Data plan”. However, recently, Alpaca has seen fit to retroactively reduce subscriber limits as seen on the website:



  • US Stocks & ETFs
  • Crypto
  • Real-time Data
  • 5+ Years Historical Data
  • Aggregate Bars
  • Trades & Quotes
  • All US Stock Exchanges
  • 1000 API Calls / Min
  • Unlimited WebSocket

Note that it says “1000 API Calls / Min” == 16 Calls / Sec

Before, I never got “too many requests” on the paid plan. Now I got it part way through a month when I paid $99 for unlimited requests. Please reinstate limits or refund all of $99 alpaca customers this month.