Is the unlimited plan really "Unlimited" or is it a "Limited" Calls/Min plan?

On the Market Data home page, you advertise the unlimited plan to have unlimited calls/min (see image below):

But when I sign in to subscribe I noticed that is no longer unlimited and is now limited to 1000 calls/min.

Which one is true? please fix either table for clarity!

@EGYXee Sorry for the confusion, and good catch. The “Unlimited” plan has a rate limit of 10,000 calls/min (not 1000). The table in the UI is incorrect. I’ll get that updated.

And $99/month is correct too? Last year it was $9/month. That’s a 10x increase. I hope that is a typo…

@davorj The current price for the “Unlimited” market data plan is $99/mo. There was an ‘introductory’ price awhile back of $9/mo but that is no longer available. One isn’t required to use Alpaca data, and can source market data from any of a number of providers including (but not limited to) Intrinio, Polygon, and Xignite. Each has a bit different offering and of course pricing. Check them out before committing to an Alpaca subscription.