What is the api call limit for free tier market data?

The free tier just says it doesn’t have “Unlimited API Calls”, but doesn’t specify what the limit is. So what is the limit? I know there’s a 200 call per minute limit but I’m guessing free tier is under that? I’m trying to fetch 1 day 5 minute bars for a bunch of tickers.

Also, is the “Unlimited” data plan limited by the 200 call/minute or is it truly unlimited?

Hi, I’m also curious to know the API call limit for the free tier?
I subscribed to get unlimited API calls but still see some form of limitation/halting of API calls. Please help

From what I understood, those 200 requests per minute are a limitation for the “Free” tier only.

The “Unlimited” tier has a limitation of 1000 requests per minute. However, you have unlimited websocket subscriptions, while the “Free” tier has just 1.

The “Business” doesn’t have limitations.

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