Availability of the $9.99 unlimited plan

I read the blog post about the new $9.99 unlimited plan: Alpaca Launches Data API

The blog post does not indicate when this will be available and the unlimited subscription is still listed as $49.99.

Any word on availability?



When I contacted support, the $49.99 plan is the new $9.99 plan, they are lowering the rate. They just need to update the dashboard in your account. They said it will take a few days to do this.


That means if I buy now at the $49.99 that is listed I really get charge $9.99 or I have to wait for it to update still on my dashboard?

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@Jason_Bohne_Alpaca Any insight into this question?

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I am trying to sign up for a paid account but can’t because it is not available in the UI…

click your face (or icon in your case) in top right corner “market data subscription”

I click on my face, click on “market data subscription”, but like many are saying, I am given two options: free and unlimited ($49.99/month)

@countrynerd I am having the same problem as @jimboski93 I am trying to sign up for the $9.99 plan but the only option available in the UI is the $49.99 plan.

Hi All, this should be visible on the UI tomorrow. I’ll update this thread once it’s confirmed.

Thanks for your patience.



I can see that the dashboard has been updated overnight to $9.00


Hi everyone - the UI has been updated and you should now see the $9 option available. Please let us know if you have any issues!

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Thanks for the update. I imagine there isn’t an estimated date for split and dividend adjusted historical data?

Hey @masilver – Not right now, but as always, keep an eye on our official channels for updates.

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where is the API key for those who opted for only market data(not broker account)?

Hey @steveli - You can use the Trading API authentication to access the Market Data API: API v2 - Documentation | Alpaca