Price of unlimited plan

Hi Alpaca team,

I would like to sign up for the unlimited market data plan. The price says $99/month but everywhere I read it should be $9/month.

Could you explain the reason for this?

Best regards,

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Thanks for posting this. I thought I was going crazy

The plan was $9 a month and then it was increased to $99 a month.

Alpaca kindly did not raise the rates on existing subscribers (like myself), so we are still at $9 and that is what you are probably reading.

I have asked the Alpaca team to add more pricing options based on limits and features. I hope that this will be an option in the future, especially for beginner like myself.

Hi James! Just wanted to reach out and say that we are working on additional plans. Stay tuned!

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Thank you Mahmoud and the Alpaca team!

I just joined as I read 9USD/month - that is a very steep increase, not sure I want to pay 1200USD/year

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