Signed up for $9 market data now shows $99

I signed up for the $9 market data and now it shows $99 a month?
I like Alpaca so much and chose this based on the cost and ease of use.
What can we do about this? Anything?

Hi @rtgebm ,

For users who are already subscribed, this change does not apply to them. The change applies to new users only, however, we are still reviewing this internally and will get back to you.

In the meantime, kindly join our slack community to stay up to date on this news.

I did. I was signed up and got a free month. Had I known the price would be 10x I would have said no thanks for the free month I don’t want it, just sign me up. Can this be fixed for my situation?

i.e. I was subscribed however I was under a free month, which now I certainly do not want.