Professional Market Data Offering

Hi @Abel_Alpaca,
I see a lot about your business account offering on your website and blog but I cannot find any information on what the corresponding market data fees would be. I know that with a business account I would be considered a professional, but just want to understand what the market data fees would be.

Hi @Tony_Schumacher, the docs and website will be updated soon with our professional market data offering. I sent a message to help you out with your request.

Hello, what are the fees for calling from the Alpaca database as a professional vs as a non-professional (I see the non professional is 50 dollars a month)

Has this been resolved…? It’s been almost a year since the original post. I haven’t been searching for too long but I still can’t find information on professional data subscriptions.

I ended up going with a different vendor. I’m not sure how far Alpaca has come since then?

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Bump, also would like to know more info. Specifically distinction between “Professional” and “Commercial”. Also how to enable them, since Unlimited access to real-time US stock market data | Alpaca Data API shows 3 plans (‘basic’, ‘unlimited’, ‘professional’), but in the account UI you can’t switch to the ‘professional’ plan (only 2 are shown)