Unable to use Live API Keys

Hey I keep getting 403 Forbidden on all of my API requests when using my live accounts, even when the links and keys match. I can use my paper ones though, any reason why this is?

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I am facing the same issue. I am on the paid plan, and the data loading is not working with live account api keys…

What routes are you hitting? I’m not having any issues at the moment.

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Surprisingly, the api key and secret key for live account is working now. I guess the refresh for regenerate takes a few hours? I am on paid subscription by the way.

But when I request for market history of feed=otc, in, say

out = api.get_bars('GS', TimeFrame(15, TimeFrameUnit.Minute), start, end, feed='otc')

I get the following, subscription does not permit querying OTC data

subscription does not permit querying OTC data

Not sure why this is raised when I’m paying for the subscription.