Trouble with Data endpoint today?

Anyone else having trouble with the data endpoint today? I can authenticate with my key and secret key to the accounts endpoint but can’t do the same with the same key/secret key to the data endpoint. Get a 403 forbidden error using the python API to the data endpoint (account works fine), and using curl I get an empty response when asking for bars. currently showing everything is fine so wondering if anyone else is having trouble.

Resolved. Issue was calling api = REST() before setting all the Alpaca environment variables. They were already set by an old script but then updated after calling api = REST() resulting in the wrong key and secret key getting used for the data api. Not sure why this worked before and not now but I did update the API to the latest recently so maybe the behavior changed in one of the API updates. Regardless, just updating the forum because it was definitely an issue with my code and not a data API issue.