TSLA Split Issues. Anyone Else?

Friday I ended long TSLA, 5 shares. I knew it was going to split. But imagine my surprise when I see that the price is 1/5 the pre-split price, but I still only hold 5 shares!!! Anybody else lose 80% of their TSLA position over the weekend? I don’t get it. if my stock split, I should have 25 shares. This is really screwed up. Yeah I know, they will probably fix it today. Just wondering if anybody else is seeing this in their account.


yes, I had the same issue. don’t know what’s going on.

I have the same issue with AAPL they had a 1/4 stock split and I still only have my original shares.

I have AAPL and seeing the same thing.

Also can’t buy TSLA…

I sent an email to support regarding the issues. When I try to trade TSLA I get the following error:

‘Failed to submit order
asset TSLA is not tradable’

Kind of sucks…


Same here. Alapca please let us know what is going on.

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How long should we have to wait for the number of shares to be corrected up after the stock splits (on both Apple and Tesla) it should be instantaneous of course!

SAYS NOT TRADEABLE!!! What if I want to take my profit, or bail out of a loser? Is it time to get lawyered up? Anybody have the number for SEC/FINRA? They could be costing peeps a LOT OF MONEY because they are not doing what a brokerage is supposed to do!!! I didn’t sign up for this crap, that’s for sure.

this is bullshit. I would be selling this morning at 460.

I was considering the same thing and nah I’m gonna hold, but the thing is, I should be able to! And if I did sell, I would only be selling my original 5 shares, for 1/5 the price? Where’s my other 20 shares? Are they gone? ? I kind of hoped that at 0930 everything would be fixed. It is almost 1000 and still I only have 1/5 the number of shares I am supposed to have. What, are they managing their brokerage with clay tablets and an abacus, or what?

They legally owe everybody their extra shares. Just wait and make them fix this.

And what about the money lost due to not being able to sell? Even during Regular Trading Hours? This is bullshit.

I swapped to my E-Trade account and was able to execute TSLA trades no problem…

I have a few shares in my IB account and everything is as it should be, there. Just Alpaca is all screwed up. What… wild weekend or something? This is unacceptable.

On my end the price per share has updated, but not the raw number of shares. Which is quite worrisome

My AI program automatically buy AAPL at 126.6 this morning but failed to to not tradable. If it was, system sold it already and earned around $1 per share. Split is a normal operation of stock market. It’s unacceptable to have an issue like that in a trading platform.

This does not bespeak well of Alpaca. I’m glad I am only paper trading for practice, exercise and aiming to gain experience and confidence because this kind of problem does not give peace of mind. There has been no immediate accountability. How long do we have to wait to get the problem fixed or even see any apologetic replies from agents or staff?

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It’s definitely disheartening that we haven’t see any feedback from staff yet…

minutes can be the difference between a huge loss or huge gain

The share price has now properly updated on my end. Still unable to execute the trade