GME says +37.50 and is stuck

GME says +37.50 and is stuck. Its not updating. Is there a problem?

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They blocked trading. I can’t even close my position. They didn’t even put out a notification or warning. Will be contacting my lawyer.

Edit: re-enabled selling only. guess that means they’ll add another broker to the class action.


They didn’t re-enable trading. You can only sell, not buy.

They’re manipulating the market against their customers.


which hedge funds back alpaca? which hedge funds paid alpaca to screw over their customers? I was going to try API trading with alpaca, but forget it now. I’ll go with interactive brokers.


Interactive brokers is doing something similar

options trading only, that’s fine. I don’t use margin also, but at least they didn’t block trading altogether. There were some massive swings today which could have lead to some nice profits but lots of brokerages stopped buying altogether.

There will be political fallout from this. AOC and Ted Cruz already made statements addressing precisely this.

Yeah, sucks that Alpaca is just as bad as Robinhood. Shame… I really liked Alpaca before today.