Options Trading Yet?

Hello, I run a fairly sized algotrading fund based mainly off of options trading and was wondering if anyone knows when Alpaca will support options trading as I am trying to move away from thinkorswim as their API executions are way too slow and their recent decisions to suspend trading on huge volatility stocks is unacceptable for my algotrading methods. The only forum about options trading I’ve seen were back from 2019 so I’m just posting to get an update regarding as I’d like to switch very soon. Thank you!


Hey @RunConnor

We are aware of the interest in offering options and it is on the roadmap, however, we cannot give an exact timeline currently.


Has there been any resolution on this @Jason_Bohne_Alpaca ? Without boasting to much I can assure you I have an options comprehension that exceeds anyone else you could find. If you guys are having trouble working out the techincalities with options in order to get it working properly or in order to explain it well enough for others to understand what you are offering. I can be vital to both exercises and would be happy to do a zoom meeting with someone that can hold a conversation as some type of informal introduction. Not looking for a job but a 1 time partnership could be fun! I am currently messaging algo platforms trying to find out which one can do options in the meantime! If you know of a place I can go , THX!f


Hey @Marcus_Ray

Happy to hear your enthusiasm about options and Alpaca, and for now we can say they are planned. I can’t say much more than that at the minute but feel free to visit our Alpaca Blog and Slack for product updates and announcements! :slight_smile:

Jason from Alpaca

Any update about options trading? I see on the blog that you now have fractional shares, so it seems like maybe you have your finger on the pulse of retail trading… and am hoping that options are next.

I am new but defenitevly hoping to one day make a comment like yours, something like “I know all that it needs to be known about options.”

Did you find a place to deploy your scripts?


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Just wanted to also voice my interest for this feature.

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Created an account to say I’m also interested in options trading.

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Any update on options trading? I wrote a trading bot for stocks, really excited about options as well.


Same here! Love the platform, I’d love to expand my algo

+1 for options, and also futures. This would enable migrating fully away from IBKR.