Options Trading roadmap

There was a post back in July about options trading. Alpaca replied that it is on the roadmap. Can you give any indication as to when this will be released?


I am interested in options as well. Any updates?

This would be awesome. Is this in the works?

I would love to know if there is an update on this.

Also very interested in option trading

I am also very interested in options trading and would certainly set Alpaca apart from other brokers if this was implemented.

@hitoshi any idea on a roadmap?

Yoshi replied in a Product Hunt comment today that “It is on the roadmap, but not yet for the year of 2020 unfortunately.”

I’d really like to be able to trade deep ITM options rather than stocks directly here as well . I strongly second this request.


+1…interested in this as well!

I was excited to try this API until I realized it doesn’t do options, at least not yet. Though I’m a bit confused, because if you read the SEC 606 report, it shows options orders being routed to various venues, so what is that all about? Bottom of page 4 https://files.alpaca.markets/disclosures/library/SEC+Rule+606+-+4Q2019.pdf

@porcupine73 The portion of the PDF doc on page 4 is from the “Apex Clearing Corporation
SEC Rule 606 Report Disclosure” and refers to ALL of Apex orders (not just those from Alpaca) which do include options. Alpaca is including their report as a convenience. Alpaca states at the very beginning of the report on page 1 “At this time, Alpaca Securities does not offer
exchange-listed options. Therefore, a section for option securities is not included in this report.

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Dan thank you that explains it.

Please consider adding options in your tradable instruments

@yoshi Are options on the roadmap for 2020?

+1 just to keep this thread going… Very interested. Hopefully this can be in the plan for 2021!!

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Please advise when options will be available.

I’m very interested in trading options.

I am also interested in Options and will join when and only when options are a possibility.

I was going to use alpaca for a project until I realized it doesn’t yet support options trading. Once it does I will be happy to give it a try.