AAPL Incorrect Price

So… I checked my portfolio over the weekend and it says I’ve lost £3,000 on AAPL, I went to check the price and it says AAPL is worth $35? Is that correct? I checked from other sources and it seems at about $133.00 but not Alpaca. Not really sure how this could possibly happen, I don’t really know what to do here since I have never seen something like this before.

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Nevermind, It’s fine now :slight_smile:

There’s something amiss at Alpaca. I have three stocks (GRMN, ZBRA, BIIB) showing current prices of $1.10.

I’m going to ignore it for the weekend but if this persists until Monday morning I’ll reach out to them. A bit disconcerting that they could have a glitch like this, as it would wreak havoc with any algo that relies on mark to market portfolio values.


Yeah, the aftermarket/premarket prices are sometimes worse than useless, because they induce unnecessary panic. Supposedly I just 20% of my portfolio today. I just shrug and look for another site, soon.

Yeah, It returned to $1.10, not really sure what happened there. It’ll probably go back down there again at this rate.

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A large part of portfolio is showing a sudden 35% decrease today. With numerous positions showing invalid pricing data.

I hope Alpaca has their house in order. This is very strange looking. Looks like prices on a slew of stock went to “1.10”.

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