Test Prices Stuck

I’m executing test trades of AAPL on the test platform, and even though actual price is…say 310.22…every BUY order is executed at 310.66…over and over and over again. So the prices are stuck on the test platform

This has been resolved, but I sure hope this doesn’t happen with real prices and real money.

For me the prices didn’t “seem” stuck, but when I’d make a trade it wouldnt update in the position overview. Did you/anyone have this problem today?

I’ve been hitting the paper account pretty hard testing some scalping strategies and it has got stuck several times where it shows positions but cannot liquidate because there are “0” shares available or the loss/gain is off by a factor of 1,000% (temporarily).

I love this API—it is SO much better than some others I’m trying—but the paper account has so far been somewhat dodgy, semi-consistently. Right now, the Paper Overview page will not even load anything but the left nav strip and the API URIs are failing frequently (was fine all morning till a little while ago).

What I was experiencing was the execution price, over an extended period(like about 10 minutes) was stuck at a certain price. I have several external live data feeds so I was running my logic with that…the bid/ask prices were accurate. When I did a BUY, either through the API, or their website…the execution prices was the same every time…and off by 40 cents. Trade got filled, just at an incorrect price.

I’m actually starting to have serious reservations about this entire platform. Track your fill prices. Test Test Test. Commissions may be $0, but if your fills are way off, it isn’t worth it.