Paper Trading impossible price?

I had a trade in a Paper Trading account for symbol CCRN on 8/16 execute at 17.52 at 9:30am. When I look at the 15min candle for the 16th, CCRN was never below $18. How am I supposed to think about this trade?
Its important, because there was a stop loss, that doesn’t look like it would be met according to the bar data, and the trades should have been for a gain, but instead at the very open, it stopped out a price never traded in the real world, so far as I can see. I have a paid data account, but I am using my paper keys for testing before trying to go to production. I’m not comfortable going to live trading because I keep finding cases like these that don’t make sense. Trying to understand if this is a feature of Paper trading… maybe in production I would have gotten this price below $18, and the low would have reflected that based on the order stack? I’m just not sure what to think.
Appreciate any help.

I have the same exact question. When I was debugging my best and worst paper trades I noticed some seemingly implausible fill prices on orders. I would check Yahoo, Google, TradingView, etc, no one showed a bar going near to where paper trading gave me a price. I would love to know if you found this also to be the case in live actual trading? I am currently trying market orders, odd frationable lots, so that probably doesn’t help, but the prices I have seen are ridiculous.