Tradingview to Alpaca Example


I’ve created a Tradingview to Alpaca bridge that I’d like to showcase. The alerts fire in milliseconds :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested in such a solution feel free to contact me:

Tradingview @paaax
Telegram @paaax255
or Email


I’m so interested in this solution. please help me to set it up

I am not sure what you are trying to achieve, there is already an Alpaca to TradingView communication feature. So what functionality have you added?

With this implementation you can trade automatically through Tradingviews indicators. You can apply any indicator on Tradingview to this system and stay away from your computer, while the system keeps trading.
That is not possible with the current Alpaca/TV integration, because Tradingview doesn’t support automatic trading. Therefore, the bot adds a new feature.


Hi Great video. Please contact our team at if you want to write a blog post

I don’t get it. I am already trading my Alpaca account through TradingView. So are many other Alpaca clients. What is so special about your project?

And I am sure your script is free, open source, and readable, right?

Which solution are you using?

What do you mean, “which solution”? I just enable it. Simple. Done.

What did you enable? The alpaca tradingview integration? Are you trading fully automated or manually?

My solution provides fully automated trading from any available PineScript or alert. That is currently not provided by Tradingview. So I’m curious what you are talking about.

Yes the integration which can be initiated from the TradingView trading panel. Actually I did not know you can’t trade automatically from TV. I would be using Python for that, anyway, rather than a scripting language that has only one place where it is useful. So how about posting your script here and let us see? Unless you are just trying to sell something. Not sure that this is the venue for selling your stuff but I am sure you aren’t doing that, right?

If it really worked that well, I think you would be too busy trading with it to bother trying to sell it. And actually I think maybe I am a little too busy for more posting in this thread. Good luck with your sales.

No worries, glad to help you out :slight_smile: Looking forward to your Python solution.

If you really wanted to do something cool, that would be trading an IB account with TradingView. I don’t have the skill to do that. The IB API is a lot harder to work with than this one.
So straight up question. Well, two questions. In fact, three questions.
Are you selling your project?
Is it open source, or a binary? Remember, many of us who are messing about with Python are using Linux.
What language are you using?
TBH I have barely begun to work on my first python trading bot and when and if it is ever up and working to my satisfaction, no way am I sharing it.

What makes it harder?

Harder to figure out. Documentation doesn’t seem to be correct. I was able to connect via Alpaca API first attempt. I already wrote a couple of tools that are useful to me. I’ll put it simple. I was able to do things with Alpaca’s API. Was not able to do anything at all with IB’s API. Literally unable to make anything work.

Once I get a simple screener customized with my needed features, and maybe a simple trading bot or two working, I may try the IB API again. One thing I would love to do is what Pascal did with TV and Alpaca. It would really be cool to trade my IB account via TV. As it is, if I want to use TV charting I have to have TWS and the web browser both onscreen and manually enter my trades in the TWS platform. Or set hotkeys or buttons, but I still have to leave the browser and TV to place an order. I have always liked TradingView charting and the only two reasons I ever had to open an Alpaca account was the easily accessible and fairly well documented API, and the ability to integrate and trade my account right from TV. Otherwise, when I started trading again this year I would have just gone back to IB which I did, and never opened a second account with Alpaca.

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Clearly some people have no clue what Pascal was trying to demonstrate. He is using TradingView webhook alerts to autonomously trigger buying/selling via Alpaca API to execute “whatever strategy you want” as determined by your own pinescript study. This has nothing to do with the integrated TV trading panel and has nothing to do with promising profit earnings because the strategy is up to the user’s pinescript study. I managed to successfully do something similar to Pascal and created my own bot that could run Alpaca API based on TV webhook alerts and I appreciate this is not easy. I didn’t have a nice GUI and webpage like Pascal but I did use ngrok services to monitor the webhooks and set up a server that ran API scripts. And No, I’m not going to share my work because I have no incentive to share it. We’re all here to make money, remember?

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I have since moved on to quantconnect which gives me much greater access to data than TradingView and I can program in real Python since Pinescript is very limited. Quantconnect integrates Alpaca API on the backend.

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Nice job. My coder legend and I have built something very similar. Will basically take buy and sell signals from TradingView via webhooks (without the need for TV to be open) and then place the buys and sells with Alpaca. Idea is to be able to go both long and short on the same stock(s). So basically go LONG = buy 100 shares of a stock, sell 100 when the signal says sell and then place a SHORT trade = “sell” 100 shares of the stock and then “buy” 100 to close the trade and keep repeating forever and ever and ever and ever :slight_smile:

All the trades go straight through to the Alpaca admin where they can be tracked etc. Works well so far. Now just have to find the most accurate indicator :slight_smile:

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My implementation is able to go long and short as well. The app itself can be activated from a website. So even when the app is not active you can still receive Tradingview alerts.

I’m concerned about the security of this solution. If it’s activated by pinging a publicly exposed ip without any authorization checks then anyone can trigger orders