TradingView alerts with no need of intermediary server sent directly to Alpaca


It would be great to be able to have my TradingView alerts trigger orders at Alpaca.

At the moment, it seems that the only way to do this is to build an intermediary server with AWS and Chalice in Python, but I do not know how to write Python neither how to set it up; although I tried.

Would it be possible for Alpaca to eliminate the necessity to have an intermediary server and be able to send alerts directly to my Alpaca account?

I do this with my Crypto bot, it is super fast and easy; I don’t see why a server is need.

Thank you!


Agree, coding a bot is quite difficult and involves many things I don’t grasp. I’ve been at it for a week trying to learn how to setup programming environments, but it’s just out of my comfort zone so it is taking forever to figure out with nobody to ask. It’d , make so much more sense to have the already integrated API for alpaca just have an “initiate auto trading” checkbox and then have some kind of large notice that auto trading is active. That actually seems less complicated than catching a webhook and routing it through two other levels of web tools.

Yes! Please build this feature! I am handy enough to get through pine editor scripts but coding my own AWS/Chalice intermediary is out of the question for me. When I opened my Alpaca account I assumed this kind of automated trading integration already exists, alas I will have to cancel my account until Alpaca provides that feature. Thank you!

Hi there,

For many time I have wondered how great would be to:

Have your TradingView alerts triggering automated orders at Alpaca, in a simple way with no Python or any coding needed. Does this ever happen to you?

Well, I found this and wanted to share it as I am using it and works great…

Next Level Bot will help you to automate your trading. NLB use API Keys to connect to your Alpaca account to help you to execute your trades.

This link will show you a pdf with a simple WebHook setup to automate alerts from TradingView through Next Level Bot to place trades on the Alpaca exchange.

No PineScript, JSON, Python, AWS, Clouds or Chalice needed!

Next Level Bot has eliminated the necessity of coding and now you can send alerts directly to your Alpaca Real and Demo account, both!

If you are interested visit Next Level Bot