Easy to use TradingView to Alpaca Bridge

We all know that Trading View links really well with Alpaca, but I was always kind of puzzled why they didn’t have a feature that would allow for orders to be placed automatically through alerts.
Because of this, I made my own bridge to route Trading View WebHooks to Alpaca Orders. I know there is already a handful of these on the internet, but I thought I could make one a little easier to use than having to set up your own server.
The system runs on http://tv2alpaca.com/, and by sending your WebHooks to a specific endpoint. To use, set the WebHook URL to /api/{your api key here}/{your secret key}/endpoint. In the data section, put {"side":"{{strategy.order.action}}","ticker":"{{ticker}}","size":"{{strategy.order.contracts}}","price":"{{strategy.order.price}}","sent":"{{timenow}}"}. This project is only two days old, so if you’d like to contribute, suggest features, or run your own version, there is a git repo