Trades not being reflected


Using C# Alpaca.Markets nuget 3.9.1, I am placing paper trades successfully, get confirmation it was filled etc, but no data is reflected in my paper money dashboard, no order history, nothing is showing.

here are some order ids that were successfully placed
Buy: 748af6ac-2827-466b-b988-224f96be06d4
Sell: 94bae679-2c00-43dd-a2df-d5ff00b6a9bc
OrderStatus: 4 (Filled)

One thing to look at are the API KEYS. Make sure the keys you are using in the API match those in the paper account. If you have reset your paper account recently, you will need to reset the keys in your code. They get updated every time an account is reset.

Maybe not the problem but something to check?

That was it! Thank you, I forgot to update my key.