Paper Trading - resetting each day

I’ve been running tests on my paper trading account where I reset the account in the evening, add new keys and deploy my strategy to trade for the next day.

Each day, I wake up and Alpaca has reset my paper account to a 0 balance.
I originally thought I was doing something wrong but for the past 4 days I’ve repeated the process with same results.

Please help! Thx James

Hey @jimmy_eldon, can you email our support team at with your account details, so they can take a look?

I have this with 5-6 of my users too.

Hello, this has been happening to me repeatably in my paper account as well. Over the last several weeks I have been noticing this behavior. In some cases I notice the equity disappears near completely, and in other cases I have noticed the equity reports double what the actual value should be. I am assuming this is not an expected action? Thanks