Account balance and equity not adding up

For the thrid time in 5 days i need to reset paper trading, the equity numbers keep reporting as wrong and stopping trading from happening. ever since a reset to the server you reported days ago it has effected my account constantly. The account balance report doesn’t add up, the equity is wrong and trades cant be placed. This was only reset 36 hours ago and it is very wrong again

If there is any advice or if this is going to be fixed as i cant keep resetting the api as i have to reset 130 alerts every time and it means testng simply has to start again,

I see similar behavior. I am thinking of quitting Alpaca. Whats the point if I can not test my strategy. May be IB is the only broker out there.

@avi Are you experiencing issues with paper trading equity? Could you explain the problem and maybe include screenshots. Also, your account number and/or the email which is associated with the account can help our team look at the specific details. There have been isolated issues with incorrect equity but, outside of a few edge cases, they have been fixed since this originally was posted 6 months ago.

On my live account, my most recent two orders both show as “filled” and are for the same symbol but only one of the trades is listed as an open position. They are both shorts. I really hope to find an answer to this because I am missing significant profit for the missing 2nd trade.

@jwbrenna What are the specific trades and symbols? Not sure if this is the issue, but if one were to place two ‘buy’ orders for 1000 shares each which subsequently filled, that would result in a single position of 2000 shares.

the open position is not the combined quantity of the filled positions

the traders are
sell HAL qty 1000 @ 23.70, 6/14, 10:21 AM
sell HAL qty 1211 @ 23.67, 6/14, 10:14 AM

only the qty1000 trade is shown as open