Unexplained 20% drop in paper equity overnight

My recently liquidated (9:30 AM today) assets (sale amount - cost basis) = -$8.20
Assets bought at (9:31 AM today) net change = -$14.80

However, Reported Paper Equity changed from $887.97 to $704.52 since yesterday!

It’s one thing if the change were reflected in actual order history or currently held assets, but it is not even close! I have an algorithm ready to go live with but things like this make me highly resistant to putting my money onto this platform.

Current Positions:

Recent Orders:


I have similar issues



We are sorry that you have experienced this.
Could you please send an email to support@alpaca.markets so that we can troubleshoot for you?

This is a frequent almost daily occurrence. I think its known and is ‘being’ worked, but its very troublesome. I have documented this in slack as well.

Mine says down 32% today… and then after hours it goes back… then when the market opens… it goes to the real value. The chart in paper just has errors…

Im having the same issue multiple times! todays was a drop of 40k, yesterady 2k, and in two more times of 10k in paper account.


This is a bug that we are aware of and our engineering team working towards fixing it. We are currently not sure of the timelines but it is on list of priorities.

My issue is similar but different, my ‘cash’ balance in my paper trading account for some reason goes up another approx.60k out of the blue, and therefore the portfolio tracking is entirely thrown off, I’ve tried this on two different accounts and the issue persists. I have a portfolio value around ‘93k’ one day, and then trades I have open remain at around the same price the next day, but my portfolio is now off track and very high (shows up around 180k). The problem might have something to do with ‘Limit Selling’ below/above market price, perhaps the way the ‘api’ accepts input, it accepts ones it shouldn’t, then they get ‘filled’ when they shouldn’t even be accepted and the whole tracking is thrown off