Programmer looking to partner with someone

I am from Seattle, WA.

Used to program for 10 years until 2010.

Started my website in 2010 and earned 7 digits income for the next two years…

Now looking for something else.

I have some level of understanding of Alpaca and I understand coding well enough to make decisions. I have access to C# code and I can do many things with it.

Looking to partner with someone who’s been on the side of trading and see if we can come up with something profitable.

I just ran my first strategy today. I would also like to partner up with someone. I am an entry level programmer. let me know if your interested

Check out my trading bot site i’m currently building maybe we can link up.

I have built my own trading platform, it’s been live for almost 2 months.
I am very interested in investment strategies and how to implement in code.
I’m also an entrepreneur and investor, and has using my own platform for some of my investment.
If you find this interesting, please contact me.

pm me… … :hamburger:

I am looking for a programmer to build a program to execute orders in alpaca based on the information in a text message or an email. Is it possible? I have no idea about programming.

I have a prototype that works. I can show you how to do this in the better way. It will require putting some services together and some maintenance on my part, about 5 hours a month. About $100 per month for other services. I’ll charge $10k to set it up for you and $500 per month for the maintenance, up to 5 hours and $100 for each additional hour, if something goes really wrong, like server gets hacked, but very unlikely. You will be able to add as many symbols as you want. All orders are at the market buy and controlled by a bot. I need 20 clients like you. You’ll be able to control a symbol, number of shares or amount per trade. The rest, buy and sell Is done by a bot. Let me know if you have questions.

Hi I want to build a trading platform for South asia using alpaca.

I would love to see your platform and If you can do a demo contact me at

I am building a platform for us stocks for south asia.

let me know if you want to join me for tech

Do you want to partner up with someone or just sell your solution and service?


While we love to see our community members collaborating together, please refrain from self-promotion/advertisement.

Jason (Alpaca)

Hi There, I’m building trading algos. Would be interested to collaborate and have shared project.

Hi All,

I have fully written code to test out different strategies. I need someone to partner with who knows a profitable strategy that I can code and test out. Looking to work on the project 5-10 hrs a week.

Please get in touch!

Please get in touch

Sorry didn’t see the message before now.

No worries. I thought there was potential to collaborate. check out and let me know.

Let’s get in touch. check out and see if we can collaborate.

Please get in touch.