Looking for someone to code a bot for me

No coding experience. Looking to have someone code a trading bot for me. Would like to discuss the complexities of such a project and a potential quote. I have been given a couple of quotes to date, I want to see if there is someone actively involved with Alpaca already, that has experience, tat would like to discuss.

5 year professional .net developer. I have configured a few Alpaca projects. Though, I have no trading experience. What are you attempting to do with your bot?

Hi Charles,

Thanks for your response.

Essentially I’m looking to have a bot that buys with upward momentum and sells with downward momentum. Probably holding positions for no longer than 10-15 minutes.

I’m looking to scan the entire NYSE and NASDAQ, pulling information every minute on approximately 4500 stocks. If a certain list of criteria have been satisfied by a stock, (day for example, the stock has traded up by 2% in the last minute and the stock is trading over the 10 minute moving average), then the system would automatically buy. It would automatically sell if the opposite criteria has been met. I would also then want the bot to be coded to automatically edit the position when certain criteria have been met.

I also understand the pull rate for Alpaca May limit the ability to do this for the entire market every minute, but I have heard it may be possible to run several API keys at the same time. I’m not sure that this is true though.

The list of criteria I have is more complex than the above, but this may give you an idea of what I’m looking to do.

Cheers, Hugh

Hi Hugh @hjjenkins ,
Just checking if you are still looking for someone to build a bot for you? Let me know and I can help. I have been developing software for past 20 years.