Hiring Experienced Alpaca/Python Developer


I started building a system to automate elements of my trading (entries, exits, sizing, etc), but I’ve run into issues related to my noob python knowledge and time-zone differences… but mainly my noob python knowledge.

I’m interested in hiring someone to rebuild it, or help me finish it.

The system:

  • long only swing trades (~5-10 day holding period)
  • Use a short-list of ~25 stocks I’ve added to a watchlist (currently using Google Sheets)
  • Monitor price action at market open, buy when signals have been met, size trades correctly, and adjust stops for active trades on a daily basis.

If anyone is interested in building this project let me know how to get in touch and give an idea of your experience with Alpaca.



I am running a nicely working trading strategy that is completely automated, it’s all in Python. Have 20 years of programming experience in general, 6 in Python, and have already written all the Alpaca-specific functions for scheduled placing of trades, reports to track performance, etc. Have the time to work on this, it doesn’t sound too difficult. My email is support@designrem.com, am in London timezone, ping me and let’s do a Zoom call?


Thanks for the reply, I’ve started working with someone on UpWork and we nearly have the first part of this project across the line.

I will definitely get in touch when we are looking to add additional functionality.

Kind regards