PHP Auto Trade Server

Good evening,
My name is Kris, im posting about a project i’ve been working on its a server for algorithmic trading writing in php, ive been developing this for about a year and a half. i started with integrating with the robinhood api then moved over to alpaca (and i love it) and built my own server since i didn’t see anything out there that was what i was looking for. id like to know if anyone else would be interested in this. for the server to work it needs a couple things IE accounts with data streaming providers such as finviz and alphavantage. its in a production version and since the last few trades have been all profitable for about a month now, im thinking of posting on github or a personal site not sure at this point.


I would love to see what you have done if you do not mind sharing. I am a big PHP nerd myself.

Hi @kris, I’d be super curious about your data pipeline and your trading strategy/algorithms. How many trades did you do in your last month (just curious)? Do you focus on intra-day patterns or rather invest in securities for several days? How do your setups look like :slight_smile: Github and personal site are both great but Github is definitely better!

Message me in a email

Hi, I am also programming in PHP, wonder if there is something we can share with each other in order to build a better algorithm.

I’ve taken the examples written in python and rewritten them in php but instead of using the streams of data how they have it I go directly to the source to get Quote/Trade information and base the logic of that.

Another process is going after opening profit/exit positions and at the same time a stop loss position if things go sour.

did i get back to you yet ?

Yes sorry I’ve been busy, as soon as I have something I will send it up. For now I am trading and seeing how the market works in order to build a better strategy. I day trade though.

cool cool… just making sure i sent you that email