Wow took a long time to get here, what's your thoughts?

If you’re encountering challenges with your stock trading algorithm as a programmer, remember that overcoming hurdles is possible. Now, onto the question at hand: Should I share a proven PHP investing strategy? I’m just curious.

My concern is that if I do share it and the market reacts negatively, we could all suffer. However, the insights from the charts I’ve observed are sparking some ideas. I’d like to delve into this further, but I sense that it’s often overlooked because people perceive it as either unattainable or exclusive to the wealthy.

i remember last time i brought it up on here covid was like days away crazy how life happens.

i made it, i want to share it, im not sure = sum’s it up

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just dropping a hint


@kris I personally feel that sharing is good. A few things that everyone should remember though is 1) what ‘works’ for one person may not be the solution for everyone and 2) what has worked in the past may not continue.

Glad you were able to find something that worked for you!

I would be interested, please share!
Is it long or short?

At the moment, I’m simply taking a head count—still not back to being open source. A bit about me: I’ve been immersed in programming since childhood, around the age of 14. The idea of leveraging a Cat5 cable for profit always intrigued me, igniting my passion for programming. Presently, my primary occupation is in cogeneration. Over the past two years, my programming endeavors have been confined to spare moments, although I had a three-year head start prior to this. Currently, I’m engrossed in the task of migrating all my projects to be compatible with Windows, as they were initially crafted for a Linux VM. These projects entail integrations with Finviz and Alpaca Markets, alongside scripts that can be hosted on personal laptops. Additionally, I’m exploring PHP ML, and soon integrating ChatGPT for news data analysis. Undoubtedly, there’s much more ground to cover, given the extensive documentation spanning over 150 pages.

It’s currently set up to buy and then sell the next day, to put it simply.

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@kris First off sounds like you’ve made good progress. Congratulations!

Since you asked for some thoughts… here are some in no particular order

You stated “…migrating all my projects to be compatible with Windows”. You may want to consider a ‘headless’ online solution to be OS agnostic. It will free you from any/all work maintaining or even worrying about hardware and operating systems. All you need to focus on is coding. I personally use Google Cloud Functions but there are others.

You stated “…scripts that can be hosted on personal laptops” . You may want to consider moving everything into the cloud. There are many advantages but here’s a few 1) no hardware outages. If your local machine ever quits you won’t be trading until it’s fixed. 2) difficulty monitoring app for errors. Your app will crash and will have errors. You need to be able to at least monitor it but ultimately restart and and get back running quickly. 3) you want to be able to take a vacation. It is very helpful to be able to access your app 24x7 from anywhere via any browser and not be tied to a physical machine.

You stated “I’m exploring PHP ML”. You may want to migrate to a better supported language than PHP. I’d strongly suggest Python. It’s become the de-facto standard for finance. Furthermore, there are many available packages to leverage and Python makes importing and using those as simple as a single import statement. Additionally, Python can be interactive which will greatly decrease your development effort and time. Consider doing preliminary development in Google Colab notebooks. It’s free and in the cloud.

Just my initial thoughts.