Alpaca Member Introduce yourself


As the Alpaca community is growing, I thought it would be great to have people introduce themselves and share a bit about their background and why they are using Alpaca.

I’ll start!

  • My name is Etienne, living in London, UK
  • I am a new Alpaca user trying to learn quantitative trading
  • I used to work in financial services but not as a quantitative trader
  • The best thing about Alpaca is its community and its API documentation. It is a great way to try out new strategies in a sandbox
  • A tip: Check youtube, there are quite a few great steps by steps videos.
  • What I wish Alpaca had? Open to live trading in Europe

Now your turn!

Thank you,

Hi Everyone!

I’m Nathan. I’m a mathematics grad student in the US doing applied research in mathematical finance/econophysics/information theory. My academic background is in finance and economics.

I am hoping to get the money together with a friend to begin our own investment firm, but if not then I’ll pursue academia or a quant job. Yes, I’m open to job offers. :wink:

I’m using Alpaca because free is a really good price, the paper trading feature is great, and the python api package is really convenient.

I enjoy climbing mountains, mountain biking, skiing, trail running, etc.

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Thank you for your message and welcome to Alpaca!

Is there anything you wish Alpaca would provide?


I wish the plot of equity value on the paper trading overview refreshed more quickly and was higher frequency. To make sure my algo is working correctly I’ve been continuously refreshing plots in python, and it’s a pain.

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Thank you for your feedback. Really appreciate it!

My name is Damon. I’m an economics, chemical engineering, and mathematics student applying to PhD programs in Finance this fall. I work part time for a hedge fund and RA for a few professors. I’m using Alpaca to develop and test my own algorithms for my own personal money and to hopefully build something out for the future. Something I really think would be valuable would be fractional shares, which I understand is part of the 2020 road-map. I love Alpaca’s framework, and I think fractional shares would top everything off beautifully.

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