Going to have some BIG news to talk about

not looking for money, more so looking for programmers to hire… if you “kinda” know php i have some paid work also looking to partner up ! (even if you cant really code!) JR Programmers are welcome
email kris@givemesite.com
ive been working on an automated trading system and feel id rather pay people to do some of the things i need done more so now as i look around nyc, keep in mind ive only been in stocks 3 years but programming 10+
again thank you to everyone whos been by my side :slight_smile:
maybe i should stream on youtube / twitch

Topic is still open to discuss!

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Wanted to post a more current EMU < - FOR THE RECORD

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Interested. Literally just joined Alpaca lol but I’ve been a software developer for 9+ years now. I’ve been trading for about 2 years now (started mostly with options trading and now getting into day trading). Don’t know much about algo-trading but am interested!

I am interested too! I am in Boston but currently on a leave of absence from work. I have a B.S. in Computer Science and some experience programming with PHP, but it’s been awhile. I’m very rusty with programming but I’m willing to give you my time and make an effort. Please feel free to reach out to me at thomas.d.cook@gmail.com with information.

Edit: I just realized this is an old post, so disregard if it no longer applies.

sorry ive been slow with responding my mother recently passed from covid 19