Going to have some BIG news to talk about

not looking for money, more so looking for programmers to hire… if you “kinda” know php i have some paid work also looking to partner up ! (even if you cant really code!) JR Programmers are welcome
email kris@givemesite.com
ive been working on an automated trading system and feel id rather pay people to do some of the things i need done more so now as i look around nyc, keep in mind ive only been in stocks 3 years but programming 10+
again thank you to everyone whos been by my side :slight_smile:
maybe i should stream on youtube / twitch

Topic is still open to discuss!

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Wanted to post a more current EMU < - FOR THE RECORD

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Interested. Literally just joined Alpaca lol but I’ve been a software developer for 9+ years now. I’ve been trading for about 2 years now (started mostly with options trading and now getting into day trading). Don’t know much about algo-trading but am interested!