Get a cup of covfefe

so this might be a long one but i was up all night thinking about it, if you look back on the things i posted ive been working on a project for a while now an open source one for algo trading in php…

today i know a lot of lives are lost in the mist of all the chaos bout what if the issue wasn’t covid i dont want to sound like a big conspiracy theorist here but this is gonna be really long so get a cup of coffee and buckle up…

back when i first started writing the project i thought “i dont see anything to help me trade automatically”. so i was thinking i know some php to maybe wright something for that and earley on i was thinking if i made it open source by bringing (more people on it) we could all make more money together, look im no special person but i thought i could change the world. but now im thinking the world has changed obviously, more so in the markets then you would think, i think right now right here some people need to do beter checks and balancing, some people need to accept others want to make money too, it’s sick to think maybe one of my family members died from the government possibly trying to make another distraction. im not trying to toot my own horn but what is anyone to think. after a hindsight with such obvious appeal.

we can jump out of this idea for a second and look at what i was talking about in the markets. i had a really long talk about policies and the current CMTS infrastructure recently with a colleague of mine who was advising me of some security concerns of routing inbound to inbound data. i know this might kick off on a bad foot but id really like that fiber roll out sooner “cablevision” / “optimum/altice” im a customer of yours if your listening… you are literally S****** out packets as we speak and expect this is proper behavior… i know its because all are home streaming so much now then ever and docsis 3.0 was never meant to handle a roll out. just waiting until your services are lacking so much that it starts affecting emergency services and market data but your QOS solves that right WRONG your starting to see latency in all of your nodes and your response on… you know what ill stop right here before it gets weird if it hasn’t already…

please put government buybacks into the stock market or some more stimulate.
im willing to screenshot my banks and post it here

the markets are moving to slow
and data providers know that its only a matter of time before the FCC will raise bandwidth U/D requirements so good luck. if anyone needs me ill be in my parents basement.

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just a bump, same day i posted this i made 30% WE GOING UPPPPPPPP