Need bot beta testers

I just released a beta of the new bot I’m building based on the Alpaca API. You can check it out at The bot only paper trades for now. In order to use the bot, you will have to link your “paper trading” API keys and select the amount of equity you want the bot to trade with and strategy. The bot is fully automated, meaning it generates its own watchlist, targets, stops, and buy/sell orders. As long as the browser is open on the bot, it will auto wake up and start trading during market hours. Aftermarket hours the bot will sleep until the market is open again.

**Note: The bot can only handle one transaction at a time, therefore you can’t hold multiple open positions in your paper trading account. Also, don’t try to trade in the paper trading account, while the bot is active as this will confuse the bot.

I’m willing to try this out while I’m primarily backtesting and not walking my own algo through papertrading

Thanks for your support!

Happy to check this out @RoboTrader. I’ve input my paper credentials but I guess I don’t see how I’d input a strategy. Are there getting started docs anywhere?


Simple input your alpaca key to link the bot, you know it is linked when you can see your equity balance in the chart area. After that click the optimal settings button, to load the default trading strategy settings. Just keep a browser tab open to the site and the bot will sleep until the market is open and then wake up, pull in a watchlist, and start analyzing for trading opportunities. The bot has been recently update to long, short, and hold positions overnight that it thinks will be successful in the morning all fully autonomously.

Thanks again for your support

Paper creds input and set in a browser until tomorrow morning! Excited to see the results here

ok let me know how it goes…