Pine Script Strategies automated for Alpaca

I create, and use pine script strategies for crypto bot automation. I would like to use these strategies for Alpaca. Is there a process to do this, or must I use python? I am not an experienced coder, just learning so I can implement my trading strategies. I am not very good with python at all. Thanks!

Pinescript will only work via TradingView. Anything outside of the trading view will require a custom solution. It’s never too late to learn a programming language; don’t get discouraged

thank you for the response. May I ask, If I were to set custom alerts for my strategy on tradingview, would I be able to trigger orders automatically via my connection to Alpaca? This is how I send the buy/sell info to my crypto bot software. I am just not clear how to accomplish this with Alpaca.

I know that TradingView has alpaca support for trading via their platform but I am not so sure if they allow automated trading via scripts. Might have to ask TradingView

@Truthseeker45 Maybe look at this post for ideas on how others have connected their TradingView accounts.

Great, thank you Dan!